Planning Committee

(Delegated powers to act as statutory consultee on all planning applications) Meetings held on Tuesdays (normally fortnightly) to discuss, as consultee, planning applications in town

Chair: Cllr Pearsall
Deputy Chair: Cllr Kolek

Members: Cllr Fotheringham, Cllr Hulin, Cllr Kolek, Cllr Maunder,
Cllr Pearsall, Cllr R Sexton & Cllr S Sexton



Planning Committee Terms of Reference

Finance and Policy Committee

Meets every three months (recommendations on all aspects of changes to policies, procedures and expenditure (Reports back to Town Council)
Chair: Cllr S Sexton
Deputy Chair: Cllr Wakefield

Members: Cllr Brown, Cllr Maunder, Cllr McCollum, Cllr S Sexton & Cllr Wakefield         


                             Finance & Policy Committee Terms of Reference 



Town Management Committee

Meets every four months

Chair: Cllr McCollum
Deputy Chair: TBC

Members: Cllr Brown, Cllr Coombs, Cllr Craddock, Cllr Hayler, Cllr Hulin,
Cllr Maunder, Cllr McCollum, Cllr Passmore-Smart, Cllr Pearsall,
Cllr R Sexton, Cllr Turner & Cllr Wakefield




Town Management Committee Terms of Reference 

Green and Open Spaces Committee

Meets every other month

Chair: TBC
Deputy Chair: Cllr Passmore-Smart

Members: Cllr Coombs, Cllr Fotheringham, Cllr Hayler, Cllr Kolek,
Cllr Passmore-Smart, Cllr Pearsall, Cllr R Sexton, Cllr Turner &
Cllr Wakefield 




Green & Open Spaces Committee Terms of Reference 

Human Resources Committee

Chair: Cllr McCollum
Deputy Chair: Cllr S Sexton
Members: Chairs of the Planning, Finance & Policy, Green & Open Spaces, Strategy & Town Management Committees & the Chairman and Deputy Chairman



Strategy Committee

Chair: TBC
Deputy Chair: TBC

Members: Cllr Brown, Cllr McCollum, Cllr R Sexton, Cllr S Sexton &
Cllr Wakefield



Strategy Committee Terms of Reference

Sub-Committees & Working/Steering Groups

Footpath Working Group
Chair: Cllr Fotheringham
Deputy Chair:  TBC 
Members:  Cllr Coombs, Cllr Fotheringham, Cllr Hayler, Cllr Kolek,
Dr I Jeeves, Mr I Morrison, Ms A Proszowska and Ms R Kimbell 
Allotments Working Group
Chair: Cllr McCollum                                                                 
Deputy Chair: TBC
Members: Cllr Coombs, Cllr McCollum, Cllr Wakefield, Mrs J Vincent &
Mr C Quick


 Allotments Working Group Terms of Reference

Beehive Working Group
Chair:  Cllr Fotheringham             
Deputy Chair:  Cllr Craddock
Members: Cllr Craddock, Cllr Fotheringham, Cllr Hulin & Mr R Fowles  
Honiton Sports Pitches Working Group
Lead Cllr:  TBC
Members: Cllr Craddock, Cllr Thorne, Cllr Wakefield & Cllr McCollum (EDDC) 
Market Working Group
Chair: Cllr R Sexton
Deputy Chair: Cllr Craddock
Members: Cllr Craddock, Cllr Hayler, Cllr R Sexton, Cllr L Wakefield,
Mr I. Morrison & Mr S Keene 


 Market Working Group Terms of Reference






Representation Outside Bodies

Allhallows Charity
Cllr Maunder & Cllr McCollum

Arts & Culture Forum (EDDC)
Cllr Brown (Lead), Cllr Wakefield (Sub) & Cllr R Sexton


Charter Day
Cllr S Sexton

Citizen's Advice East Devon
Cllr Thorne & Cllr Fotheringham

Devon Association of Local Councils - Larger Councils
Town Clerk & Deputy Clerk
Chamber of Commerce
Cllr R Sexton 

Honiton Community Spaces (CUB)
Cllr Craddock & 2 Vacancies

Devon Association Local Councils - County Committee
Town Clerk & Deputy Clerk
Dementia Friendly Steering Group - Honiton 
Cllr Wakefield


Friends of Honiton Station
Cllrs Brown, Craddock & Kolek 

Honiton Community Complex 
Cllrs Hayler & S Sexton 

Friends of the Glen
Cllr Kolek 

Honiton & Axminster Community Safety Group
Cllrs McCollum, R Sexton & Thorne

Honiton Hot Pennies Ceremony 
Cllr McCollum & Vacancy
Honiton United Charities
Cllrs Craddock, Maunder, McCollum, Thorn, Wakefield & 1 Vacancy

Millennium Green
Cllr Hulin & Cllr Kolek


Cllrs Craddock & S Sexton

Twinning Association
Cllr Kolek & Cllr Wakefield

Honiton Hospital & Community League of Friends
S Sexton & Vacancy

Fair Trade Honiton Steering Group
Cllr Kolek & Vacancy

East Devon Local Care Partnership
Cllr Craddock 

Honiton Health Matters
Cllr Craddock

HTC/HCC Review Meeting 
Cllr Pearsall & Cllr Wakefield

A35 Parishes Group
Cllr Hulin & Cllr Pearsall 

IRF Coast to Country Project
Cllr Brown
The Baton
Cllr Thorne
The Den Honiton CIC
Cllr Brown

Operation Rudolf
Cllr S Sexton 



Special Responsibilities

Arts, Culture & Heritage

Cllr Brown, Cllr R Sexton & Cllr Wakefield

Crime & Anti-Social Behaviour

Cllr Maunder, Cllr McCollum & Cllr R Sexton


Cllr Brown

Environment & Footpaths

Cllr Pearsall

Health & Social Care (inc domestic abuse, disabilities) 

Cllr Craddock, Cllr Hulin, Cllr Maunder & Cllr S Sexton


Cllr Craddock & Cllr Wakefield

Young People & Education 

Cllr Craddock, Cllr Kolek, Cllr Passmore-Smart, Cllr S Sexton &
Cllr Wakefield