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If you are looking for beautiful places to visit and stay in Devon, the Visit Devon and Devon Guide websites give you all the information you need. 

You may be interested in Community Services in Devon, or you may like to visit the Devon Communities Together Training Hub Programme at http://www.devoncommunities.org.uk/

Click on the following link to view Devon Communities Together Pick 'n' Mix Training Menu http://www.devoncommunities.org.uk/Pages/Events/Category/social-enterprise

Click here for details on Honiton Ring and Ride April-June 2022

Searching for local business's is made easy by clicking on the following link: http://www.misterwhat.co.uk/

The Beehive, Honiton’s new Community Complex is now open. For more information on how to book any of the facilities at The Beehive, or for details of events, please go to http://www.beehivehoniton.co.uk/


Report It

If you need to report a matter or make an enquiry to East Devon District Council regarding recycling, council tax or benefits or a maintenance matter regarding roads/pavements/streetlights to Devon County Council you can do so via the links given below:- 

East Devon District Council

Devon County Council | Services and information for Devon residents 


For severe weather warnings and the weather in general for the UK visit the Met Office website on the link given below:-

Weather and climate change - Met Office 

Met Office Community Resilience Leaflet 


Council Tax Notice 2022/2023  


Grant Funding

Green Homes Grant 

Shop East Devonly this Spring 

East Devon District Council has been awarded funding to enable the East Devon economy to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic via a Spring campaign.  This campaign is to promote opportunities for day and overnight visits to East Devon to support the recovery of the visitor economy from Covid-19.  To find out more about the campaign click on this link -  https://eastdevon.gov.uk/eastdevonly/

If there are further subjects you would like to see on our website please email towncouncil@honiton.gov.uk and let us know. 



Road Closures


Springfield Road, Honiton - 01.04.2022 

Tower Road, Honiton - 16.05.22 

Beggars Lane, Honiton - 20.05.22 

New Street, Honiton - 20.06.22 

Beggars Lane, Honiton - 27.06.22 

Millers Way, Honiton - 04.07.22 

New Street, Honiton - 09.07.22 

High Street, Honiton - 26.07.22 

Footpath Closure for Honiton Show - 03.08.22 

Hazelwood Close, Junction of Hazelwood Close, Weatherill Road & Briar Close - 15.08.22 

Footpath from Gronau Close to Brand Close, Honiton - 18.08.22 


High Street, Honiton (Gate to Plate Event) - 20.08.22