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Honiton Town Council has made working with young people one of its priorities

Youth Awards: Honiton Town Council awards certificates and gift tokens on a termly basis to 10 students from Honiton Community College who have been nominated by the school for their achievements.

Student Advisors: The Town Council has introduced Student Advisors to its meetings. The Council has been anxious for some time to ensure that the voice of young people in the town is taken into account during debates and when decisions are made.  The Council will be working with Student Advisors appointed by Honiton Community College.

Students will sit at Council and committee meetings in the same capacity as the Clerk or any other professional advisor and will be expected to represent the views of all young people in the town. They will receive all council papers and be expected to discuss issues with other young people but their role will remain advisory only and they will not be responsible for decision making.

It is hoped that by introducing this innovative programme, the Town Council will be aware of the views of Honiton's young people, who normally do not have a voice as they are too young to vote for councillors to represent their views.