Information on Waste & Recycling in Honiton

Cllr Roy Coombs is the Town Councillor with special responsibilities for the environment and open spaces.  If you have any comments or ideas with regard to recycling please contact him on the following number:

Cllr Roy Coombs – 01404 47347

East Devon District Council website:


East Devon District Council collects items for recycling from our doorstep every week. You can put these items out in your black/green recycling box:

  • Paper, newspaper, magazines, yellow pages & junk mail (no need to remove windows from envelopes – plastics are removed in the sorting process)
  • Glass bottles and glass jars - please do not include lids
  • Tins and cans – please ensure there are no sharp edges
  • Aerosols – please empty first
  • Clothing and textiles – clean and dry please
  • Aluminium foil - clean and dry please
  • Used household batteries – bags are available from East Devon District Council
  • Plastic bottles e.g. shampoo, bleach, drinks and milk bottles

Food Caddy
You should have two food containers – the small grey tub for indoors and a large blue caddy for outdoors. You can buy compostable food bags from stores in the town centre or supermarkets or use newspaper to line the small food caddy. Please do not use normal plastic bags. Once the small container is full, transfer the contents to the large food caddy and leave out on collection day to be emptied. You can secure the blue food caddy with the handle to ensure animals cannot access the waste food. Food waste includes:

  • Meat and fish – raw and cooked, including bones
  • Uneaten food from plates and dishes
  • All dairy products such as eggs and cheese (and eggshells)
  • Raw and cooked vegetables and fruit
  • Breads, cakes and pastries
  • Rice, pasta and beans
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds

Note – please do not put any liquids in your food caddy

Landfill Bin
Use your black wheelie bin for anything that can not go in the recycling box or food caddy. This does not include garden waste, rubble or items that could be considered harmful and items which are not completely inside the wheelie bin with the lid closed will not be collected. If unsure please call the customer service team at East Devon District Council on 01395 571515 or email

The nearest recycling centre to Honiton is Sutton Barton EX14 9SP. This is a Devon County Council Waste Management facility and they can be contacted on 0845 155 1010 or click here for more information.OTHER MEANS OF RECYCLING IN HONITON

Clothing and Shoes
You can dispose of clothing and shoes at one of the many charity shops in town.

Recycle your old pairs of glasses at Dollond & Aitchison/Boots Opticians. They are sent to Vision Aid Overseas – a charity dedicated to helping people in the developing world whose lives are blighted by poor eyesight.


Cooking Oil
Fat, oil and grease accounts for up to 70% of blockages in our sewers so South West Water has linked up with North Devon based company Less Mess which has developed the Fat Trap. More info on and you can pick up a free Fat Trap from the Honiton Town Council on New Street.

East Devon District Council have teamed up with Original Organics to offer quality compost bins, wormeries and water butts at a reduced cost.

Art and Craft Items
If anything you are planning on throwing away could be used for art and crafts, you could contact the local schools in Honiton or donate it to the Exeter Scrapstore

Furniture and Appliances
You can take furniture and appliances to the Sutton Barton recycling centre or if still in good condition sell via a newspaper or online or phone a furniture project to get it picked up. Furniture groups pass these items on to people on a low income. Phone Devon Furniture Forum on 01364-661551 or visit to find the nearest Furniture Project Group.

The Devon Real Nappy Project
The Devon Real Nappy Project can provide independent advice about choosing and using real nappies, free trial kits, free real nappy demos and information about 20% discounts in some areas. Find out more on

Honiton Freecycle has over 2,600 members and is one way of disposing of unwanted items locally. Freecycle is a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns and thus keeping good stuff out of landfills. See

Recycle Devon
The Recycle Devon site is a wonderful resource for Devon residents to find out about Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. Users can find out detailed information about the collections in their area as well as loads of other useful information to help them Reduce, Reuse and Recycle more effectively.

Devon Community Recycling Network
DCRN is a diverse range of community organisations, charities, social enterprises, Local Authorities, active citizens and experts working in different ways to promote reuse, recycling, composting and waste prevention. The website is

And finally...   you can follow the East Devon District Council Waste Team on twitter and Facebook