The Honiton United Charities - Registered Charity Number 200900

In 1617 Dr Thomas Marwood of Honiton, who had been physician to Queen Elizabeth 1, died at the age of 105. By his Will he bequeathed ten pounds and certain houses to benefit the poor of Honiton, which formed the core of the group of charities which have continued to the present day.

A further six local charities founded from 1589 to 1689 were added in 1929 and in 1969 eight more charities joined to form what then became known as Honiton United Charities. Administration and management are carried out by a board of Trustees and a Steward.
Objectives and Activities
The main objective is that the Trustees shall apply the income of the Charities "in relieving either generally or individually persons resident in the borough of Honiton who are in condition of need, hardship or distress by making grants of money calculated to reduce the hardship or distress of such persons". The largest share of payments from the Charity take the form of 100 pensions paid quarterly to Honiton people but there are many other payments made to local people of all ages whose needs are not met by government agencies.
Gift Aid Donations and Legacies 
If you would like to make a gift aid donation or legacy in favour of The Honiton United Charities, please contact either the Steward at the address shown below or your local solicitor/accountant who is aware of the scheme.
If you would like a fuller explanation of the history and objectives of the Honiton United Charities please contact the Steward at the following address:
118 High Street, Honiton, Devon. EX14 1JP Tel:  01404 540020