Honiton Town Plan

Action Plan 

Environment Matters concerning the environment are looked after by the Environmental Issues Working Group
Town Centre The majority of items under this heading are looked after by the Policy Committee

The Town Council is trying to reduce the heavy traffic using the A373. They are also lobbying to have an improved rail service to London and Exeter and an eastern bypass to the A35

Recreation An important topic recognised by the Market & Coastal Town Initiative. The Town Council is currently engaged in building a new community complex (The Beehive) for Honiton and also supports the work of the Honiton Development Trust in finding new sports pitches for the town.
Young People The Young Adult Centre is located near the Community College and Swimming pool. The Town Council actively supports local young people through a number of schemes.
Housing There is a variety of housing available and the aim is to maintain the character of the Town. This is particulary relevant in the conservation area and areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

After The Town Plan

Honiton Town - The Way Forward for Future Planning  

Initially there was a far reaching questionnaire to all households in Honiton from which the Honiton Town Plan was created.  This information was passed on to Honiton MCTi Steering Group who completed the Community Strategic Plan "Vision of Honiton 2030".  The Honiton Development Trust are currently taking this forward and are requesting the views and comments of all the residents and businesses of Honiton to once again move these plans onward.  Do visit their website highlighted above and give them your input.

If there are subjects you would like put on or see on our website please email towncouncil@honiton.gov.uk and let us know.