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Honiton Town Council Grants 2020/2021

Every year Honiton Town Council awards a series of funding grants to organisations working for or helping the people of Honiton via community-based projects. Application forms and the grant criteria are now available either from the Town Council Office by e-mailing towncouncil@honiton.gov.uk or by downloading on the links given below.

Previously, the Council has awarded grants to a range of organisations to help them in their work. Applications this year must be returned by 4th December 2020 for consideration by the Council later this year.

 Grant Application Form

 Grant Criteria 



Honiton Town Council wishes to address the current misperceptions within the community. The Council is aware that there is currently a petition requesting that the current Councillors resign. Honiton Council accepts that those who have signed the petition are exercising their democratic rights, but does not agree with the arguments raised within the petition and confirm that Councillors will continue to work for the best interests of this Town, and will not be resigning, The claim brought by Honiton Town Council against Bailey Partnership was based on legal advice received. The decision not to pursue further litigation against Bailey Partnership was made by Full Council at their meeting on Monday, 12th October. Honiton Town Council has always supported Honiton Community Complex (the Beehive). The Beehive building is there, built by the Council and it has been positive for the Town. The funding of the Beehive is a complex issue, but one which Honiton Town Council is endeavoring to resolve. Honiton Town Council is working on projects for the benefit of Honiton. Honiton Town Council acknowledges there have been problems related to staffing, but we anticipate many of those problems will be resolved in the next few months. Actions were further delayed for a variety of reasons, mainly Covid-19, but we are now moving ahead at speed to resolve these issues. At all times should any person have any queries or wish to discuss in detail any action taken by Honiton Town Council they should not hesitate to contact either the Deputy Town Clerk or any one of the Town Councillors, whose contact details can be found at www.honiton.gov.uk  



Due to the recent resignation of some Honiton Town Councillors, there are currently ten vacancies on Honiton Town Council.  Four vacancies in St Paul's Ward and six vacancies in St Michael's Ward.  

Under current legislation elections have been requested for these vacancies however, a poll cannot take place until 6th May 2021 as a result of the Local Government and Police and Crime Commission (Coronavirus - Postponement of Elections and Referendums) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 and the Coronavirus Act 2020.

If you would like any further information regarding these vacancies please contact the Honiton Town Council office either by phoning 01404 42957 or e-mailing towncouncil@honiton.gov.uk

Please click on the link here for updated information regarding Bird Flu

Accounts Information for the year ending 31st March 2020

Detailed Income & Expenditure by Budget Heading for March 2020 which also details the actual figures Year to Date - Click Here

Receipts & Payments for October 2019, November 2019, December 2019, January 2020, February 2020 & March 2020 (Please click on the appropriate month for the information)

PLEASE NOTE - These accounts have not been scruitinised/debated or approved by Full Council (5/5/20)


 Statement from Honiton Town Council


As from Monday, 30th March the Honiton Town Council Office will be closed to the public until further notice.  If you wish to contact us please e-mail deputyclerk@honiton.gov.uk but please do so ONLY IF THE MATTER IS URGENT, thank you.

Town Council and Committee meetings have now been resumed and are being held via Zoom, details of how to access meetings are given at the beginning of the agenda for that meeting.

As from Monday, 23rd March the Beehive will be a hub advising people on how to get help for vulnerable and elderly people in the local community.  If you would like advice please do not visit the Beehive but contact them by e-mailing manager@beehivehoniton.co.uk or by phoning the Coronavirus Information Line on 01404 384050.  A Honiton Coronavirus Support Group has also been set up and contact details are given here.

We would remind all members of the public and Councillors of the advice to wash your hands with soap and water regularly and to take the time to read the self isolation guidelines which have been issued.

It is for individuals to decide whether to attend public meetings if they have concerns about doing so in the current circumstances.

Heloise Marlow

Deputy Town Clerk


If your household is affected by the Coronavirus:-

If your household is affected by the Coronavirus any waste materials that you come in contact with need to be handled carefully before they are collected to help prevent further spread of the virus.

Please ensure you adhere to the following –

  • All contaminated items you produce, including tissues, cleaning cloths and wipes and masks, need to be put into a plastic bag. Tie the top of the bag to prevent escape of the material
  • Put the bag inside another bin liner and tie the top of the bag
  • Keep the bagged waste for a period of 72 hours in a place that cannot be accessed by other people or pets
  • Put the bag in your wheeled waste bin (or gull sack if you use one) for safe collection by our crew. The bagged waste must be contained in your wheeled bin and the bin put out in your normal collection point. Do not put the bag on the kerb-side where people could have contact with it
  • If you have an assisted collection, bag the waste as described above, and put it out in your usual assisted collection point in your wheeled bin or gull sack


For NHS Advice about the CORONAVIRUS click here



With all the excess rain this month there is good advice to found on the East Devon District Council website. The town council website does have sand bags for filling should you need them. Unfortunately you will in the first instance need to contact EDDC's help line. Click HERE.


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